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Creepy Kamibashi String Dolls

Creepy Kamibashi String Dolls

Posted by Ellen Hess on 22nd Sep 2022

Our store is located in a town that brings the wonder of the supernatural world. Thus, we have a supernatural category on our website! Furthermore, we just received our shipment of Kamibashi creepy string dolls to add to our selection of paranormal offerings. Mother, the first of the three string dolls we now have available was inspired by an entity in HellsGate Haunted House in Lockport, Illinois, she comes with a tag stating "mother always knows bes." Birdman has a magic power in that he "guides you through the darkness." The Custodian, one of our exclusive Kamibashi string dolls, is inspired by long ago events at The Dent Schoolhouse located in Cincinnati, he "cleans up all your messes." Lastly, we now offer the hotel night watchman doll, whom, "makes sure you never have trouble checking out."

All our string dolls are handmade in a fair trade workshop in Thailand that contributes a portion of sales to a variety on non-profits, including The American Red Cross and The International Fund for Animal Welfare. Whether one of our new creepy string dolls strikes your fancy, or one of our previously selected dolls is really apt for the backpack or rear view mirror adornment, we hope our selection of supernatural string dolls gets you gearing up for All Hallows Eve!