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14th Annual Ghost Conference In Port Gamble

14th Annual Ghost Conference In Port Gamble

Posted by Ellen Hess on 15th Sep 2023

Port Gamble is known for having paranormal activity, are you interested in exploring more of this aspect of the town's history? 

The 14th annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference is November 10th-12th at the historic Port Gamble Theater and Hood Canal Vista Pavilion. Port Gamble Weddings & Events host Pete Orbea will be guiding the conference. See, hear, and experience from people who are practiced in the field of paranormal activity. Join in evening investigations in one of the Northwest's most haunted locations. Three day admission is $45, one day admission is $30, classes range from $15-$30 each, with investigations ranging from $10-$20 each. Tickets available here. 

To explore further into spooky territory, on November 11th join Ankasha Amenti for a psychic reading at the Port Gamble Theater. Are you curious how to possibly connect with the other side and what medium to go through in order to achieve this? Ankasha has practiced this special medium and will give a unique perspective into the medium's history and also her abilities showing how the process works. Total cost for this psychic reading event is $35. 

We hope you'll dabble in things spooky and haunted in Port Gamble, at this year's Ghost Conference.