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Baskets of Africa

African Zulu Telephone Wire Basket Large Wide Bowl #8

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  • Depth: approximately 2.75"
  • Diameter: approximately 7.75"
  • Color and Pattern: ocean swirl
  • Country of Origin: South Africa

This fair trade Zulu telephone wire bowl has a blue, lilac, cream, and copper wire swirl pattern. It is approximately 2.75" deep by 7.75" in diameter, a good size and shape for a fruit bowl. It is constructed of plastic telephone or electrical wire, and is highly durable and functional as well as being a work of art.

The weavers of these beautiful baskets combine traditional skills with modern materials. The baskets are hand-woven from the top down, using bare copper wire and plastic coated electrical and telephone wires. Unlike most African baskets, these beautiful baskets are primarily woven by men because of the strength needed to pull the wires tight. In fact, it is thought that Zulu men working in South African factories began weaving the baskets from scrap wire in their downtime. Now, 600-800 artisans weave the baskets full time.

About the brand: Baskets of Africa, a Fair Trade Federation member, was founded in 2002 in New Mexico. It is dedicated to sourcing a wide range of high quality baskets from throughout Africa, while adhering to fair trade principles.